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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering and design forms the foundation of very structure built today. The critical importance of an experienced geotechnical firm cannot be overstated. A vast resource of technical capabilities, decades of diverse geographic experience, and a focus on results characterizes TERRAs’ formula for successful completion of our clients’ projects.

  • Buildings

    Low rise, high rise, residential, commercial, and industrial.

  • Transportation Infrastructure

    Roadways, bridges, airports, rail.

  • Plants and Facilities

    Piers, aprons, dredging, marinas.

  • Oil and Gas Infrastructure

    Terminals, drilling pads, platforms, refineries, pipelines, tanks.

  • Utilities Infrastructure

    Transmission towers, pipelines, substations.

  • Water storage, treatment, and pipeline facilities

  • Energy Infrastructure

    Dams and reservoirs, wind farms, LNG.

  • Mine reclamation